Interior Design Service

Interior Design Service

About me

My name is Clarissa Schindler and I am the founder of Lilianfeld Apartments. I have been successfully running the Seehaus Claire apartment hotel on beautiful Lake Constance since 2016. I am an interior designer and the founder of the Lilianfeld furniture business. My great passion is to turn rooms into special places where people feel comfortable. In all the years that I have been running my apartment hotel, I have become aware of how important high-quality furnishings are for a successful rental. As the furnishing of a holiday apartment involves a considerable investment, I have considered various financing models in which we cover the cost of the furniture for you and you then pay off the furniture via commission.

What exactly does Lilianfeld Apartments do?

In short, we are a special kind of rental agency.

We take care of managing your holiday apartment/holiday home for you, as you would expect from a classic rental agency. However, we complement this with interior design. We furnish your holiday apartment so that we can best position you on the rental market and make it as attractive as possible for potential holiday guests. We also create an appealing online presence to optimally present the accommodation on the Internet. The result is a significant increase in occupancy, a boost in revenue, and above all happy and satisfied guests.

 We offer you various models for this so there is sure to be a suitable model for you, too. You can find more detailed information at:
„Our Offer“

You are welcome to contact us via the contact form or by phone if you have any questions or are interested in our services.

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